What do The Different Licenses Mean?

There are only really two different types of licenses - Exclusive & Non-Exclusive. We don't allow producers to change the name of the Exclusive License, so if this is what you're looking for, it will always be called this, and this is the only one that is removed automatically.


This means that all other licenses, regardless of their name, are Non-Exclusive (this includes Unlimited). If you purchase a Non-Exclusive license, you are only leasing the beat, and the producer can continue to lease the beat to others.


If you purchase the Exclusive license you will own the exclusive rights to that beat, and it will be automatically removed from the store so it cannot be sold anymore.


Some examples of Non-Exclusive license types are:



Basic Wav



Premium Trackout



Each license type will have different limits, such as streaming, distribution, etc. It is highly recommended that you preview these terms before committing to a purchase to ensure you get the right license for your needs. You can see how to do this here.

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