I have a Content ID claim on my video - what does this mean, and how do I remove it?

The first, and likely most important point is that this is not a copyright strike. Copyright strikes happen when a copyright owner submits a legal takedown request to YouTube, for using their copyright-protected content. This will result in your video being taken down, and if you receive multiple strikes, your entire channel will be taken down as well. You can read more about this here.


A Content ID claim from us doesn't mean you don't have permission to use the content, and doesn't mean you have to remove the content from your video - it simply means ads are placed on the video, and you will not be able to monetize it (if you have monetization enabled on your channel), but has no other effect on your video or channel. You could have hundreds of videos, all with Content ID claims, and it will have no negative effect on your channel.


What to do when you receive a claim


When you receive notification of a claim on your video, you will receive all the information about the claim, including the content used, and what it's matched with (e.g. the instrumental that you've used in your video).


If you recognise the claiming content and understand why you've received the claim, then there's nothing you need to do. Your video will still be viewable, and it will now have ads on it.


However, there may be various reasons you want the claim to be removed, e.g. if you don't recognise the claiming content (i.e. the match is incorrect), you've bought a license to use the content without a claim, and so on. In this situation you can dispute the claim. This will automatically notify us and the content creator/seller that you disagree with the claim, and it will be reviewed within 30 days. 



You can read more about how/why claims are placed on videos here.


To potentially speed up the resolution, we highly recommend manually contacting the creator directly, via email, text, DM, etc. with your license details/order number. If you bought/downloaded an instrumental from the Airbit marketplace or an Airbit store, you can find their email address on your order confirmation email.


If you have monetization enabled on your channel and our claim is preventing this on your video, revenue is still earned from views whilst the claim is in dispute, but it's held by Youtube until the dispute is resolved, and then attributed to the correct party once resolved. So, assuming the claim is released following your dispute, you won't lose any of the earned revenue. Any revenue earned before you file a dispute is not returned to you, so it's vital you dispute a claim as soon as it comes in.


When you file a dispute, you can provide a reason and any supporting evidence such as order/invoice numbers, license details, etc. The more you provide, the more likely it is your claim will be released, as your permissions can be verified.

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