I'm using a beat from the Airbit Marketplace, will my video be claimed on YouTube?

Whether or not your video will be claimed depends on a number of factors.


The first thing to note is that not all beats on our platform are monetized via Content ID. Content ID participation is optional for producers on Airbit, and not everyone will be taking part.


Claims are made automatically by YouTube, meaning if you use an instrumental that has been submitted for Content ID monetization, it's highly likely your video will be claimed. This is not a copyright strike - read more about what a claim means for you here.


Many producers give their beats away for free, with limited usage rights. These beats will often be monetized with Content ID, and it's likely that the claim will not be released until a license is purchased (though this will vary from seller to seller).  Read more about removing a claim here.


Most producers will allow the (claim-free) use of an instrumental if even a basic license is bought, however, some producers have license-dependent Content ID practices, meaning that you may have to purchase a more premium (expensive) license to post your video without a claim.


We highly recommend you check with a seller before buying from them if a Content ID claim is important to you.


A Content ID claim on your video will mean ads are placed on the video, and you will not be able to monetize it (if you have monetization enabled on your channel), but has no other effect on your video or channel. You could have hundreds of videos, all with Content ID claims, and it will have no negative affect on your channel. You can read more about what a claim on your video means for you here.

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