Content ID Glossary

Here's a few terms that you may come across when using Content ID to monetize your beats.


Claim - This is what enables you to earn money from a video. Once your beat is matched to a video, a claim is placed on that video. A claim does not have a negative affect on their video, it just means that you can earn revenue from it, and the details of your beat will displayed in the "Music in this video" section of the description. The video owner is notified of this, and has an opportunity to dispute this claim.

Dispute - these arise when a video owner disagrees with the claim placed on their video. This allows them to challenge the claim, which you can then review in the Claims section of your Dashboard. The main reasons for a dispute are that the owner has bought a license allowing the use without a claim, or the audio is an incorrect match. You can read more about Disputes, and how to manage them here.

Release - When you no longer want to claim a video (e.g. if the owner has bought a license), you can release/remove the claim, which will end monetization of that video. You can read more about releasing claims here.

Reinstate - If a video owner has disputed a claim, but you think it's valid, you can request the claim be reinstated. We will review that request, and if we agree, we will reinstate the claim and the video will continue to earn revenue for you. If we disagree - e.g. if the audio is an incorrect match - we will release the claim and notify you.

Profit/Non-Profit - This refers to the user's ability to use your beat to earn money. e.g. if they have a contract that allows them to use the beat for profit, we would not claim their video, as our claim would stop them monetizing their video.

Commercial - Similar to profit/non-profit, commercial use refers to the user's ability to earn money from the use of your beat.

Whitelist - This is how we stop claims showing on your channel from Airbit. We add your YouTube channel URL to our whitelist, and we won't claim your videos. You can find more info on this here.

Reference - When you submit your beat for monetization, the audio file becomes the reference for which claims are made. To put it simply, the reference file is your beat within the Content ID system


Content ID is available to Platinum members only. If you have a free account, you can upgrade here.

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