How to Change License Prices

You can change the licenses prices of your future uploads, by following these instructions (to change the prices of existing beats, scroll down):

  1. Head to Dashboard > Selling Tools > Licenses & Contracts.
  2.  Click the Blue Pen under the license name to Edit the License.

  3. Add your chosen price in the Standard Price field.

  4. Scroll down and Save 

** Please, note that this will only affect your future downloads and does not affect your previously uploaded beats licenses prices.


If you wish to change the licenses prices of all your existing beats, you can do so by following these instructions:

  1. Head to Dashboard > Music & Media > Beats. You can click  Show All to see all the beats on your Airbit account or select your chosen beat by ticking the box next to the beat name.

  2. Head to Change Prices, add your chosen prices and Save.


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