What Can Be Monetized With My beats?

Only original content can be monetized on YouTube. Examples of content that can be monetized are:

  • New, artist-created songs with your beats (not remixes)
  • Vlogs
  • How-to/instructional videos
  • General background music on content created by the channel

Examples of content that cannot be monetized on YouTube:

  • Remixes (including those containing 3rd party content (e.g. copyrighted lyrics))
  • Remakes
  • Video compilations from 3rd party platforms (e.g. videos from social media platforms like TikTok/Reddit/Instagram/etc.)
  • Copyrighted content such as TV shows/movies
  • Official copyrighted music/songs not created with your beat (e.g. adding your beat to the end of a copyrighted song)
  • Video footage not owned by the video uploader

For a guide to what you can submit for monetization on YouTube, please click here.


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