How to Use the 'Share Cart' Feature

This brilliant feature enables you to share a cart with your customers. You can select items and even add a coupon code, then generate a share link. Anyone you share the link with will have their cart pre-loaded with the same items and coupon code

This means you can take all email inquiries, visitors from Youtube, Twitter etc. from hearing your beats straight to purchasing - increasing conversion massively!

And it's so easy to do - here's how:

  1. Visit your store and add your beats to cart, the same way a browsing customer would

  2. Click the ‘Cart’ icon in the top right of your store

  3. Click ‘Share Cart’

  4. (Optional) Check the ‘Direct To Checkout’ box to bypass the store and go straight to payment

  5. Give the link to your customer(s) and wait for payment!
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