How to Create a Playlist on the Marketplace

A marketplace playlist is a powerful new tool to help artists and content creators find the beats they’re looking for, help producers reach new audiences, and provide new collaboration opportunities for the whole community.


To create a Playlist on the marketplace:

  1. Go to > My Playlists.
  2. Click Create a Playlist.

  3. Add an Image, name and Description (Optional)

  4. Playlists can be set to Public, Private or Unlisted.

  5. Playlists can be set as Collaborative to invite others as Collaborators.

  6. Click Create.

***Private playlists are only visible to you and any collaborators you invite.

***Unlisted Playlists are hidden from the Marketplace and the general public, but can be viewed by people who are invited – including people who aren’t Airbit members. This means you can share your playlists with specific people without making it available for anyone else to see.

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