How to Create a Configuration in your Infinity Store

As with the previous HTML store, you can create multiple configurations, allowing you to have different versions of your store. We have designed some great looking templates to get you started, all of which are customizable to suit your style.

Follow these steps to successfully create a Configuration: 

  1. Head to (yourusername)
  2. Open the Configuration Panel by clicking the Settings Cog.
  3. On the Configuration Panel, click New Configuration.

  4. Choose the type of store you want to create, then click Next

  5. Preset is chosen by default (You may copy an old configuration if you wish by clicking on Copy Config ), then Choose the color scheme you prefer and click Next. (these schemes can be edited)

  6. Write a name for your created configuration. 

  7. Choose to make it the Default Configuration by ticking the box, if wanted. (if you ever want to reset your changes, they will be reset to your chosen default configuration settings).

  8. Click Create

After creating your configuration, add your wanted styles, images and titles.

Click here for a full guide to customize your Infinity Store.

The Infinity Store is available to Platinum members only. If you have a free account, you can upgrade here.

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