How do I Decide Which Pages Are Displayed in my Infinity Store?

To choose which pages are displayed in your store, select Pages in your Infinity Store settings. The pages available are Discover, Beats, Sound Kits, Songs, Charts & Licenses

Each of these can be enabled or disabled, giving you complete freedom as to which pages are shown. Click Add a Page  to add one of these pages to your store, and click Delete to remove one.

Clicking Settings to the right of the page name will open up customization options. Here you can customize the page in with various different options, depending on which page you're viewing. 

These customization options include: showing/hiding your hero image, search bar, setting the page width + much more page-specific option.

And you can change the name of any of your pages by simply clicking on the name to edit it!

Click here for a full guide to customizing your Infinity Store

The Infinity Store is available to Platinum members only. If you have a free account, you can upgrade here.

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