What is the 'Discover' Page in my Infinity Store?

The Discover page is ideal to use as your store's homepage, as this can contain everything you need to welcome customers when they first visit your store. This includes Featured Beats, Latest Uploads, Sound Kits, License Information and Songs.

When a customer visits your new Infinity Store URL - (yourusername).infinity.airbit.com - they'll be taken to a full webpage, and the page they land on will depend on what you've set as the default - which we recommend be the Discover page.

Your Discover page can be customized by clicking Settings in your Pages settings, and from here you can decide the layout of this page. This includes adding/removing each of the above sections, choosing which beats & sound kits are featured, displaying your hero image, etc. The amount of customization options means no two stores will look alike!

Click here for a full guide to customizing your Infinity Store

The Infinity Store is available to Platinum members only. If you have a free account, you can upgrade here.

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