How to Upload Artwork

Adding artwork to your Airbit profile, beats, collections, songs, sound packs and playlists contributes to your brand and attracts potential customers to your business. 

You can create your own artwork with various tools like Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop, or hire a graphic designer to design this for you on Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

Once created, you can upload your artwork to your Airbit Dashboard and assign your artwork by doing the following:

  1. Head to Dashboard > Music & Media > Artwork.

  2. Click New Artwork.

  3. Drop files inside the dashed box, or click inside the box and select your images from your folder. Images must be a minimum of 600px x 600px with the maximum 2 MB in file size.

  4. Once the files have uploaded, click the uploaded artwork. You will be redirected to the artwork page where you can Assign the artwork, Set as Default, Replace Image, Delete and view the Beats, Sound Packs, Collections and Songs that the artwork is assigned to.

  5. To assign the artwork, click Assign, then choose if you want to assign it to a beat, sound pack, song or collection. Choose the item, then click Assign & Save.

  6. You can replace the artwork image or delete the artwork at any time via the replace / delete options on the page.
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