How to Set Up Co-Producers

Co-Producers is a great feature allowing you to assign a revenue split to producers who have collaborated on a beat with you. All the splits are calculated automatically and you can easily make payment to them all in one go with PayPal Mass Payments.

How are Co-Producers splits worked out for orders with coupons or package discounts?

If a coupon has been applied to the order and a particular beat/license then the split will be worked out on the price you were paid for the beat.

For example: You have a beat for $20 with a Co-Producer split of 50%, a customer applies a coupon and pays $15 for the beat. The Co-Producer split will be $7.50.

If you sell a beat in a package discount and one or more of those beats have a Co-Producer, the total price of the package discount is divided equally by the number of beats in that package discount, and the split is worked out on the perceived value of the beat

For example: You have a package discount "3 beats for $30". Beat X, Beat Y and Beat Z are $20 each and Beat Y has a Co-Producer split of 25%.

$30 / 3 = $10. Each beat has a "perceived" value of $10. The Co-Producer on Beat Y will receive 25% of the $10 perceived value which is $2.50.

How to add a Co-Producer

  • Go to Dashboard > Selling Tools > Co-Producers click +ADD`
  • Select if you want to add a producer already on Airbit (recommended) or a custom producer not on Airbit

Adding an Airbit producer

  • Search for the producer by name or username and select them from the dropdown list
  • Click Request Permission
  • This will send an email to the producer requesting permission to access their details like contact email address and PayPal email address for payments. Once they’ve accepted the request, the request status will change to Approved.

Adding a custom producer

Enter their name, email address and PayPal email address and click Save.

The email address is automatically checked against our database of users and if the email matches a user already on Airbit, the request will be sent for approval. If it doesn’t match then the Co-Producer is added and automatically approved.


Adding Co-Producers to beats

  • Once you have an approved Co-Producer go to Dashboard > Music & Media > Beats
  • Click the name of a beat
  • In the Co-Producers section click +ADD
  • Select a Co-Producer from the list and choose their revenue split
  • Click Save

When a beat is sold

When a beat with a Co-Producer is sold, the revenue split is calculated automatically so now you have to make the payment. The Co-Producer is notified by email and if they have an Airbit account they can see their sales in the Co-Producers > Incoming Sales section. You can pay at whatever interval you agree with the Co-Producer and you can make multiple payments in one go with PayPal Mass Payments.

Making payments

  • Go to Selling Tools > Co-Producers > Outgoing Payments
  • Review the list and click Pay Co-Producers
  • Follow the instruction on screen to either make a Mass Payment or pay producers individually

*As a free member you can be added as a Co-Producer (accept incoming requests) but you cannot add others (send outgoing requests)

**Co-Producer splits don't currently take effect on the Marketplace

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