When will I receive my payments?

Revenue from sales made in your personal stores is paid instantly to you, direct from the customer, and does not pass through Airbit. You will need a PayPal account and/or a Stripe account to receive payments in your personal stores.


If you're unable to use PayPal or Stripe, you're free to use the marketplace only, and still receive income.


Payments for Marketplace earnings are issued on the last working day of the month, covering the earnings from the previous month. For example, January's earnings will be disbursed at the end of February, February's earnings at the end of March, and so forth. It's important to note that payments for sales in your personal stores remain unchanged and will continue to be received instantly after each sale.


Once issued, payment can take up to 10 working days to reach your account, depending on varying factors such as chosen method, bank, country, etc.


You can see the difference between personal and marketplace stores here.


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