What happens if a customer files a chargeback?

For personal store sales

It's down to you to resolve the dispute/chargeback with your customer, as payment is made directly to you. You can find a guide to dealing with disputes here.


For Marketplace sales

If a customer files a chargeback, we will defend the case on your behalf (if the case is valid). If the chargeback is lost, the debited payment from Airbit will be debited from your future payout.


It's more important than ever that you make sure all files are available to your customers and any grievances with the sale are resolved. If a customer raises a complaint, we will do everything we can to not only notify you and ensure you're aware of what's happening, but also to help resolve the issue for both parties.


However, we can never guarantee a positive outcome, and failure to communicate with us to help resolve an issue may result in a dispute being unnecessarily lost, and potential deductions from future payments

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