What are promo credits and how are they used?

Credits are the currency used to promote your beats. You can purchase these in advance here, or after adding your promoted beat to your cart during the booking process.

$1 = 1 credit, and the minimum purchase is 100 credits. Promo costs 20 credits per day, so this gives you 5 days of promo as a minimum.

This can be used however you choose - the dates don't need to be consecutive, and you can promote different beats. For example: 

  • You purchase 140 credits, you now have 7 days worth of promotion.
  • You can promote Beat A for 2 days, starting tomorrow.
  • You can promote Beat B for 3 days, starting next week
  • Followed by Beat C for 2 days starting immediately after Beat B finishes

You can view your bookings in Dashboard Promotion All Bookings

Your promoted beat will be displayed on the Marketplace homepage, as well as at the top of relevant search & browse results. We highly recommend adding tags & moods to maximize your promotion and ensure your beats are displayed in as many relevant search results as possible.

You can also earn credits by referring your friends to Airbit.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to completing your promotion booking.

Please note - credits are non-refundable, and promoting your beat guarantees it will be displayed on the Explore page (airbit.com/explore) as well as at the top of relevant search results only. We do not guarantee any amount of plays, engagement or sales based on promoting beats.

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