Why Was My Payment Instantly Reversed?

Sometimes you will receive a notification of a sale from us, only to find that there is no sale in your Dashboard, and payment to you has been instantly reversed.

When this happens, it means that the customer's payment has failed. Beats are only sent out once the payment successfully reaches your account, so no beats are sent out when this happens.

Sometimes you will see multiple failed orders from the same customer - this is because they are attempting payment more than once, knowing that the initial attempts were unsuccessful.

Payment could've failed for any number of reasons, but one thing to check is that you're not blocking encrypted website payments, as this has been the case for some other people, and changing this has resolved the issue in some cases.

This can be checked in Paypal, in Account Settings > Website Payments Website Preferences (click 'update'), then scroll down and make sure "Encrypted Website Payments" is set to Off.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, try sending the customer a direct checkout link, as this bypasses our Marketplace and has resolved this for some people. You can find a guide to this here.

Check out this explanation of the various reasons orders can fail.

We also recommend connecting Stripe so you can accept credit/debit card payments without Paypal.

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