How Do I Set Up Discounts?

Discounts are different to coupons. Coupons offer a certain percentage off of certain beats (e.g. 50% off) whereas discounts offer bulk deals; buying a number of beats at a set price (e.g.3 for $50). Follow the steps below to set up discounts

  1. Go to Dashboard > Selling Tools > Discounts and choose what your discount will be by choosing the number of beats from the drop-down menu and entering the price.

  2. Turn the discount ON using the blue button, and click Save
  3. Then go to Music & Media Beats
  4. Select which beats you are including in the discount by checking the relevant boxes
  5. Select the Discounts tab above your beats and click Include for the relevant lease

  6. Save your changes

Discounts are available to Platinum members only. If you have a free account, you can upgrade here.

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