How Do I Promote My Beats Through Airbit?

Promoting your beats is a great way to put your beats in front of more eyes + ears. Promoted beats are displayed on the Airbit marketplace homepage as well as at the top of relevant browse & search results.

To promote your beats you will need to purchase Credits. Please read our full guide on the credit system here. To get started:

  1. Head to Dashboard > Promotion > +Book Promotion and choose your dates

  2. Select your beat from the drop-down menu

  3. Review the order and click Add to Cart to proceed with payment. Promo is paid for with Credits, which you can purchase in advance here, or after adding your promo to your cart.

  4. Once payment is complete, your booking will be in place! You can review the details of the order Dashboard Promotion Orders.

It only costs 20 Credits per day to promote your beat - for details of how you can use the credits, please click here.

Please note - credits are non-refundable, and promoting your beat guarantees it will be displayed on the marketplace homepage page as well as at the top of relevant search results only. We do not guarantee any amount of plays, engagement or sales based on promoting beats.

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