How To Set A Beat To Autoplay When The Player Loads

To set a beat to autoplay;

Go to Dashboard > Music & Media > Beats

To the very right of your chosen beat in the beat list, click the Menu button and select "Set to Autoplay"

Please note - if you have selected the option to disable the autoplay when copying the player code from Dashboard > Music Stores > HTML5 then autoplay will not work in that particular configuration, even if you do have a beat set to autoplay.

Please also note that SoundClick have disabled the option to allow our players to autoplay on their profiles, so it will not work.

Please also note that the Autoplay feature does NOT work on mobile devices.

And finally - most browsers now also block autoplay completely

Google Chrome for example, have set parameters that must be met before autoplay works - e.g. how many times you've visited the page, how you've interacted with it, etc., so if these are not met by the visitor, autoplay will be blocked.

It's likely that even though you have enabled autoplay, it will not come into effect due to it being blocked in most situations.

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